• my clients are:

  • peacekeepers
  • innovators
  • adventurers
  • designers
  • achievers
  • creators
  • team builders
  • and dreamers
  • …but above all, they have vision

Freelance graphic designer, specialized in web design and branding. Living and working in Interlaken, Switzerland.

Hi, my name is Charl

Born and raised in Cape Town, I spent many years traveling before finally settling in Interlaken. In 1998 I founded origins graphic design gmbh and have been working as a designer ever since.

Today I can’t imagine moving back to South Africa and very much enjoy the inspirational beauty that comes with living in the heart of the Swiss Alps. I am happily married, have two kids and spend my time alternatively staring into the fridge or annoying the hell out of my offspring.

My hobbies include reading, travelling, mountain biking, paragliding, cooking and arguing …so I guess you can say I’m a harmonious sort of chap. One day when I’ve grown up, I will finally finish a book, any one of the countless I’ve started will do. Then I will move to a tropical island and spend the rest of my life floating face down staring at fish.

Charl Stewart

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